Angus Sampson Biography, Net Worth And Children

Australian actor and director Angus is from. He is most recognized for his roles in the Mad Max: Fury Road, The Mule, and the Peabody Award-winning second season of Fargo, as well as the Insidious film series.

Australian actor, director, producer, writer, and voice artist Angus Sampson is a multifaceted artist. Sampson began his career as a host on the well-known TV program Recovery when he first entered the entertainment business (1996-2000). Short Cuts (2002), The Secret Life of Us (2004), Chandon Pictures (2007), Time Trackers (2008), Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War (2012), Fargo (2015), and Shut Eye are a few of his other prominent small-screen playing roles (2016).


On the ABC youth music program Recovery, Sampson made his acting debut in 1996 as Dylan Lewis’ sidekick. The 10:30 Slot, Greeks on the Roof, The Secret Life of Us, and a Stingers episode are just a few of the later television appearances that Ali has had. The impromptu program Thank God You’re Here featured him as a performer.

Sampson played television host Ugly Dave Gray in the 2007 television film The King, which explores the life of Australian TV star Graham Kennedy. He additionally acted in Wilfred that same year. He played Michael Thorneycroft in the three final episodes of Underbelly the following year and Leonardo da Vinci in the kid’s television series Time Trackers the year after.

Sampson collaborated in the creation of the horror movie Insidious in 2010 with his buddy and former Recovery presenter Leigh Whannell. The “comical low-tech paranormal investigators” Specks and Tucker were played by Whannell and Sampson, who have returned in each of the three sequels since the film’s release in September 2010. Sampson served as an honorary jury member at the 2006 Melbourne International Film Festival and served as the host of the 2010 IF Awards, which were shown on SBS TV.

Since then, Sampson has taken on a wide variety of film roles. He played the role of Bull in Spike Jonze’s Where The Wild Things Are the same year as Insidious. Sampson played the role of Bear Gerhardt in the second season of the FX series Fargo in 2015, in the Walking Dead, he played the role of “Ozzy, sampson portrayed Dennis “Cisco” Wojciechowski, the series’ main character, in the Netflix drama series The Lincoln Lawyer in 2022. The Lincoln Lawyer is based on the same-titled book by David E. Kelley.

Early Life

Sampson, who was raised in northern New South Wales and Summer Hill, Australia, attended The Armidale School and Trinity Grammar School, respectively. Sampson was born in Sydney, Australia. In 2002, he earned his degree from the AWARD School.

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Sampson occasionally partnered with Tony Martin to co-host the Australian radio program Get This on Triple M.

Sampson was a founder member of The Forbidden Fruit, an experimental group whose sole performance was a raunchy adaptation of Mad Max 2 they performed on late-night radio. Angus played The Lord Humongous in this production, who turned out to be a jazz flute virtuoso.

In addition, Sampson served as the uncredited host of the legendary late-night radio program The Lonely Hearts Club, a sardonic comedy series that aired on ABC Radio National in early 2011 and in which Sampson appeared under the alias Richard Silk. Sampson has also served as a presenter for RRR’s Breakfasters program.

Net Worth: $500 Thousand
Date of Birth: 1979 (44 years old)
Place of Birth: Sydney
Gender: Male
Profession: Actor, Screenwriter, Voice Actor, Film Director, Film Producer
Nationality: Australia

Net Worth

Australian actor, director, writer, producer, and voice artist Angus Sampson has a $500k net worth. Australia’s Sydney is where Angus Sampson was born in 1979. He appeared in the 2003 television series Greeks on the Roof as an actor. He played Zach Hannigan in the television series Spirited from 2010 to 2011.

In the television series Party Tricks from 2014 to 2015, Sampson played the roles of Wayne Duffy and Bear Gerhardt, respectively. In addition to Insidious, Blinder, Insidious, mad Max, Fury Road, and Insidious, he has appeared in the films Darkness Falls, Fat Pizza, Razor Eaters, You and Your Stupid Mate, Kodoka, Footy Legends, Where the Wild Things Are, I Love You Too, and Insidious: Chapter Four.

In addition to writing for the TV series Greeks on the Roof, he wrote and directed the 2014 movie The Mule. The Australian Film Institute, the SXSW Film Festival, and the Australian Film Critics Association have all nominated Sampson for awards.

Salary and wealth of Angus Sampson: A TV actor, Angus Sampson has a $500,000 USD worth of wealth. On February 12, 1979, Angus Sampson was born in Sydney. actor for television, film, and voice-over work best known for playing The Organic Mechanic in Mad Max: Fury Road, the Insidious films, and Fargo’s Bear Gerhardt in season two on FX. He was well-known for the Australian Channel 10 series Party Tricks, which was canceled just before he received the Fargo part.

The Organic Mechanic is a voice actor, television, and film actor most known for playing Bear Gerhardt on FX’s Fargo in season two as well as for his roles in Mad Max: Fury Road and the Insidious series. He gained popularity from the Australian Channel 10 series Party Tricks, which was canceled just before he was offered the part in Fargo.

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