Carson Peters Berger Biography, Net Worth And Parents

Carson Peters Berger Biography, he often known by his initials CPB, was a high school student from the United States who rose to fame after being accused of killing and raping his cousin Iliana Peter.

Iliana Peters, commonly known as Lily Peters, a ten-year-old rape victim, was killed on April 24, 2022 Lily Peters was a fourth-grader at Parkview Elementary School and a primary school student at the time of her rape and date.

Profile summary

Name Carson Peters-Berger
Date of Birth 2008
Age 14 years
Father Adam Berger
Mother Lorraine Davis
Nationality American
Net worth unknown

Carson Peters Berger Biography 

On an unspecified day in 2008, Carson Peters-Berger was born in the USA, he was born and raised in the American state of Wisconsin’s Chippewa Falls, where he was granted citizenship at birth.

Carson Peters-Berger Age, Birthday, Nationality 

At the time this essay appeared on our website, Carson Peters was fourteen years old, he was born in the US and celebrates his birthday every year, his brown eyes and dark brown hair are distinguishing characteristics Oh, and he belongs to the White racial group and has white skin.

Carson Peters Berger Education 

One of the neighborhood elementary schools in Chippewa Falls is where Carson Peters-Berger obtained his masters degree in elementary education, at the time, he was a senior at Wisconsin’s Chippewa Falls High School.

Carson Peters-Berger Career 

Peters-Berger has no known employment, on April 26, 2022, he only recently rose to fame after being accused and detained the day before of rapping his cousin Lily Peters.

Carson Peters-Berger Arrest, Rape Case

As previously mentioned, following a rape off a route in Northwestern Wisconsin on April 24, 2022, Carson Peters Berger was detained on April 26 Three counts were brought against him in relation to the passing of Lily Peter after his arrest

  • First-degree intentional homicide
  • First-degree sexual assault
  • First-degree sexual assault of a child under the age of thirteen

According to a source Carson Peters suggested to his cousin Lily Peters that they travel a route in Northwestern Wisconsin and explore the adjacent woodlands, he then took her to the location of the crime, where he killed and sexually raped her.

According to the same report that confirmed the murder, Carson Peters-Berger supposedly went back to the location to further cover Lily’s body with leaves. Of course, he had already raped and killed her and was worried that someone would find the body.

The subsequent complaint stated that Lily Peters was scheduled to have visited her aunt in Chippewa Falls that afternoon, April 24, but was unable to do so. Lily’s body was found on April 25, 2022.

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Carson Peters-Berger is an Adult, Charged, Sentenced

On April 27, 2022, Carson Peters-Berger, 14, was accused of three felonies connected to Lily’s death in ADULT court.

  1. First-degree intentional homicide
  2. First-degree sexual assault
  3. First-degree sexual assault of a child under the age of thirteen

According to reports, Carson was held on a $1 million bail, regardless of the seriousness of his offense, he is regarded as an ADULT in the criminal justice system, his most recent court appearance occurred on June 24, 2022, although the case was ineligible for a plea to this effect, Carson’s attorney might ask Lane to transfer the case to juvenile court.

Who Is Carson Peters-Berger’s Attorney? Court Appearance 

Michael Cohen is the name of Carson Peters Berger’s legal counsel, while he awaited his next court appearance, Carson was lodged in the Northwest Regional Youth Correctional Facility in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Carson Peters-Berger Mom, Dad, Parents 

Adam T Berger, the father of Carson Peters, is said to be 37 years old and a resident of Eau Claire in 2022, he was detained in the Oshkosh Correctional Institution for three years, from May 2018 to April 2021, for having four crack pipes and pornographic images of young girls, after being let out of prison, he relocated to Eau Claire and is still under probation supervision.

Lauraine Davis, berger’s mother, is the mother of Carson Peters, she has 45 years on earth. Before getting pregnant with Carson Lauraine had already been convicted of theft and drug charges, before their divorce when Carson was two years old, she had a brief relationship with Carson’s father.

Lauraine reported Carson’s father, Adam, to the police in 2017 after she said he tried to run her over with a car, and her grandmother criticized her for being a bad mother, she was in charge of how Carson interacted with his father’s family, she currently resides in Chippewa Falls and is dating 50-year-old convicted fraudster John Repetto.

What happened to Carson Peters-Carson after his father went to jail?

When the boy’s father was sentenced to prison in May 2018, the boy’s grandma, Mary, revealed that her grandson was upset, he lost his social skills and became incredibly reticent.

Carson Peters-Berger’s trial

On April 27, 2022, Carson Peters-Berger made his first appearance in court and admitted killing his cousin, who was 10 years old, he allegedly proposed to Lily that they go off the beaten path and explore some woods near Chippewa Falls, which is northeast of Eau Claire and northwest of Wisconsin, then, after luring her to the crime scene, he carried out the horrible deed.

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Carson was charged with first-degree deliberate homicide, first-degree sexual assault, and first-degree sexual assault of a minor under the age of 13 after district attorney Wade Newell testified in court during the case’s proceedings that Carson told police his initial plan was to rape and kill Lily Peters, the court placed Carson’s bail at $1 million, and he was ordered to remain in detention.

What time did Lily Peters go missing?

Around 4 pm on April 24, 2022, Lily and her cousin Carson left her aunt’s house by 9 o’clock at night, her father reported her missing since she still hadn’t arrived home, the following morning, at nine in the morning, her body was found.

Which court handles Lily Peters’ case?

On April 27 and June 24, 2022, Carson Peters-Berger was charged with Lily Peters’ murder and rape in Chippewa County Circuit Court, an adult court, the adult court should hear cases of intentional homicide, according to Wisconsin’s criminal justice system.

Carson’s attorney disclosed his intentions to submit a reversal waiver petition on September 1st, 2022, it’s an effort to transfer the matter to a juvenile court, in the morning of September 29, 2022, a meeting will be held to set the date for the reverse waiver hearing.

Where is Carson Peters-Berger today?

On a $1 million bond, the young murder suspect is being held in custody In August 2023, the Chippewa County Circuit Court will hear his case Judge Steven Gibbs will preside over Carson’s adult trial, which will be conducted in open court.

Where was Lily Peters in fourth grade?

A fourth-grader from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin’s Parkview Elementary School was the rape and murder victim, when she vanished and was subsequently found killed, she was staying with her aunt.

Who are Lily Peters’ parents, Alexander Peters and Jennifer Eyerly?

Lily’s mother, Jennifer Eyerly, has had numerous encounters with the law In 2021, she admitted to pleading guilty to five misdemeanors and two felonies for stealing her mother’s credit cards and defrauding her of about $7,788  Lily’s father, Alexander, is a heroin addict, despite smiling in the majority of the photographs posted online, Lily hails from a turbulent family.

Because Carson Peters-Berger, Lily’s 14-year-old cousin, is a morally bankrupt child, what he did to the helpless Lily is unfathomable, and it is heartbreaking to realize that both minors come from dysfunctional families, it is horrifying and devastating that Lily Peters was murdered by Carson Peters-Berger.


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