Clarence Gilyard, Junior Biography

Clarence Gilyard, Jr. Biography

Clarence Gilyard Junior Biography, He attended Sterling College in Sterling, Kansas, for some time. Clarence returned to the college in several ways following his career as an actor, one of which involved funding brand-new tennis courts.
He belongs to the fraternity Sigma Chi. Gilyard was raised on military stations in Hawaii, Texas, and Florida after being born in Moses Lakes, Washington, begun his acting career in a children’s play.
Clarence became the first black actor to play the cheerleader after joining the production of the play “Bleacher Burns. Coincidentally, the model for the Wrigley Field cheerleader was a black individual.
Conrad McMasters on Matlock (1986) and James “Jimmy” Trivette on Walker, Texas Ranger made him most well-known to the general audience (1993).
He has appeared in three films, three of which have amassed worldwide box office and DVD sales totals of well over $150 million each.
He was an enormous fan of The Andy Griffith Show as a young boy, just like his co-star Nancy Stafford (1960).
In the fourth season of Andy Griffith’s Matlock (1986), which aired several years after that program was cancelled, he prevailed over three other actors to land the part of a private eye.
On May 30, 2007, he had a son named Peter, Son Clarence Alfred III is one of Gilyard’s other five kids. originally a Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod member. Serves as a consultant of the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Communications.
1974 Eisenhower High School graduate from Rialto, California. His brother, Milton, is moderately developmentally disabled.
He and his roommate both worked at a clothes business prior to getting their big break in acting. Gilyard was promoted to manager.
Is a second-generation Air Force officer. Clarence Alfred Senior, his father, changed from a Baptist to a Lutheran, which Clarence Junior has engaged in in Florida, Texas, Hawaii, California, and other states.
majored in theater when a student at California State University, Long Beach.
attended the same high school as actor/singer Kirk Fogg and former Allies lead guitarist Randy Thomas.
was a candidate for Geordi LaForge’s position on Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987).
stayed in Los Angeles, California, twice: once from 1993 to 2001 and again from 1980 to 1992.
He teaches theater as an associate professor at University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
Therefore he is an associate professor of theater at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. [August 2006]
Best friend of Sheree J. Wilson, who he shared a theater role with in “Driving Miss Daisy” (she had the title role, while he portrayed Hoke), studying acting for a master’s at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. [September 2003]
When Matlock (1986) moved production from Los Angeles to North Carolina (at the beginning of its seventh season), Andy Griffith who suggested that Gilyard move there. Clarence spent more than a year living in North Carolina as a result, finally moving back to Los Angeles.
The four people to appear in the “Walker, Texas Ranger” pilot, “One Riot, One Ranger”, and the finale, “The Final Show/Down”.  four of them, in credits order, were: Chuck Norris (Walker), Clarence Gilyard Jr.(Trivette), Sheree J. Marshall R. Wilson (Alex Cahill, subsequently Alex Cahill-Walker),
Since Andy Griffith enjoyed Clarence’s audition for the part of “Conrad McMasters,” he chose Gilyard to replace Kene Holiday as his co-star in Matlock (1986).
After the seventh season of Matlock (1986), he left his position to co-star with Chuck Norris in Walker, Texas Ranger (1993).
Almost to the exception of his Matlock (1986) co-star Nancy Stafford, Gilyard’s family have watched or participated in every Andy Griffith project since Gilyard was a young lad.
The Western enthusiast, compared to his future Matlock (1986) co-star, Nancy Stafford, Gilyard grew up watching the following shows: The Rifleman (1958), Gunsmoke (1955), Bonanza (1959), Laramie (1959), Wagon Train (1957), The Virginian (1962), Rawhide (1959), The Big Valley (1965) and the High Chaparral (1967).
He worked with the fellow Western idol Robert Fuller on Walker, Texas Ranger (1993).
Gilyard has moved from California to Nevada in order to keep active as a college lecturer and a theatrical director, despite the fact that he had a great working relationship with Nancy Stafford on Matlock (1986).
Friends with Larry Manetti, attributes much of his success in show business to Andy Griffith…who became his mentor and surrogate father in 1989, when Gilyard was 33 and a struggling unknown. The two remained close for 23 years, until Griffith passed away.
Clarence, who was busy performing in a stage play at the time, didn’t learn about Griffith’s death until a year thereafter. Gilyard has said that, if he’d been informed sooner, he would have been proud to serve as one of Andy’s pallbearers. Was on the brink of retiring from television when he heard of Andy Griffith’s search for someone to be his co-star on Matlock (1986).
Griffith personally handpicked Gilyard, who was summoned to New York for a screen test. Sure enough, Clarence was hired and stayed with the show as “Conrad McMasters” for the next 4 years…finally leaving to co-star on Walker, Texas Ranger (1993).

Clarence Gilyard, Jr. Height and Death

I grew up as an Air Force brat. My family moved around a lot. I entered the U.S. after high school, but left after a year, Air Force Academy.
I played wide receiver for the football team at Sterling College in Kansas, but I couldn’t afford to stay there, so I went to work and eventually moved back to California.
Why I got to do 13 straight years of network television and somebody else didn’t, who knows?
It took me 10 years, but I eventually graduated from college, too.
Even though I’m not the world’s greatest actor, it’s still a privilege to contribute to the development of this character. I believe that God wants me to portray Bruce Barnes.
Although we made every effort to make it a joyous occasion, I was always in awe of what the schoolchildren claimed to have received from Santa Claus. I struggled to tell them about the uninteresting underwear and socks I receive every year.
I completed it for myself even though I knew that no one in this industry would ever request to see my diploma, I think that learning new things is the only way to actually change your life.
I also desired to master the classics rather than faking them.
(When he desired to become an actor) I immediately knew it was the right decision, and later, I learned this from actor friends who were waiting tables at the restaurant. tables at night.
He wasn’t developing many wholesome behaviors because I was a prodigal.
Until my parents told me I had to move out, I was using drugs a bit, drinking a lot, and pursuing women.
[In the wake of his misbehavior of his marriage]: My wife left me because I started to have an affair.
[When his role on Walker, Texas Ranger (1993) came to an end, after 8 1/2 seasons]: I wanted to start over.
I also planned to work on my brand-new marriage, after watching network television for 15 years in a row, I realized I couldn’t subject a young marriage to that.
[Of his spiritual talents]: To see those men do that was providential. It made me realize that artistically I have a lot of voices — but how do I articulate all those voices unless I put my trust in some type of technique?
I was part of a lot of great television projects. With Erik, I began my time on “CHiPs” (Estrada).
With Andy and Chuck, it was quite absorbing.
I do plan to return, but not at the expense of the quality of life that my wife and I currently enjoy with our five children, and I’ve always desired to have a college component to my life.
One of those Mario Puzo (author of “Godfather”) things, I guess.
A decent university that is on its way to becoming a magnificent university made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. It’s a great fit.
On Matlock (1986), [when he took over Kene Holiday’s Conrad role] That day, I was dealing with a lot of stress.
I made the decision to put aside the script for the audition and concentrate on how I felt about Andy as a person. Having grown up with The Andy Griffith Show (1960), adoring the father-son relationship, I just figured to be Opie for a day, I remember 1 time we were shooting a sort of send up on the Norman Bates Story.
We were performing a stand-up version of Psycho for a Halloween episode, and I recall there was a funny bit about being left alone with him in the middle of the street while he was trying to teach me about comedic timing. He also used to talk about performing a Jack Benny impression, but I remember as we were approaching, even though he may have changed the gang’s original plot, I’ll always remember him talking to me about being a straight man.
He would teach me comic timing. Let’s look at the arc of this joke, he’d say as he entered my trailer. You know you don’t have a point of view in this joke, he would remark. And I enjoy making comedies because I always hear him. I try to encourage my actors to adopt that traditional look.
He would announce that they were going to pull a George Burns or a Jack Benny.
[As to why he loved working with his childhood hero/acting mentor [Andy Griffith], who have changed the young man’s life, after years of struggling as an actor]: Before ‘Matlock,’ I really struggled with the comedy aspect of acting.
Perhaps he was performing “No Time For Sergeants.’ So he met Elia in a bar. In New York. He had to persuade Elia that he could play the character in “Face In The Crowd” because he was so terribly disheveled from the “No Time For Sergeants” character. Clarence Gilyard, Jr. Age.

married Cathy; children: two.

 His Nationality
Actor, director, producer
Birth Details
December 24, 1955
Moses Lake, Washington, United States
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