Keiko Fujimoto Age, Net Worth And Facts

Keiko Fujimoto Age, on June 23, 1977, Keiko Fujimoto was born in Japan, the country where she was raised. She hasn’t yet revealed who her parents or siblings

Keiko Fujimoto is a well-known Japanese-American artist and television personality. She was previously married to businessman Ramesh Balwani; the couple divorced in 2002 Keiko Fujimoto was the CEO and president of Theranos Takajin mune ippai, a Japanese television series, gave Keiko Fujimoto her first acting role.

Keiko Fujimoto: Who Is Sunny Balwani’s Ex-Wife?

Ramesh Sunny Balwani, a successful American businessman and former CEO of Theranos, was born in Sindh, Pakistan, on June 13, 1965, he was born into an upper-middle class Sindhi Hindu farming family.

Sunny Balwani Early Childhood and Education

He studied at the esteemed residential college Aitchison College in Lahore. He remained there until 1984, pursuing an education set aside by British colonialists for children from wealthy families. Balwani is trilingual, speaking English, Hindi, and Urdu. According to Balwani’s private counsel, his family eventually moved to India because “being a Hindu in a predominantly Muslim country like Pakistan was exceedingly challenging.

They arrived in America finally. Balwani enrolled at the University of Texas in Austin as an international student in the spring semester of 1987, when he became a member of the Pakistani Students Association. After finishing high school, Balwani started working, and he didn’t finish his education until 1997, when he earned a bachelor’s degree in information systems, notwithstanding the investigation conducted by The New York Times, it is unknown how or when he came up with the alias Sunny, he used his given name, Ramesh, in official documents from the late 1990s and divorce papers from 2002, he started doing so at Theranos in 2012 under the name Sunny Balwani.


Balwani worked for Lotus Software and Microsoft in the 1990s. Balwani oversaw sales while employed by Microsoft. His claims of writing tens of thousands of lines of code were not supported by independent investigations, and other Microsoft officials who were questioned about him were unable to place him. He met the Japanese artist Keiko Fujimoto while he was working at Microsoft, and the two eventually got married.

He began working as President for in late 1999. It was a software development enterprise that helped companies use the then-new Internet’s online auction system to buy and sell products. The business was bought in 1999 by Commerce One, a reputable business development software company.

Shares were used to pay for the entire deal, and Balwani joined the board of directors of the new business. Balwani sold his Commerce One stock in July 2000 for almost $40 million, just before the dot-com bubble burst and the company filed for bankruptcy. Later on, he attended college and graduated in 2003 with a Master of Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley. He remained in the computer science PhD program at Stanford University for four more years before departing in 2008. Elizabeth Holmes was a senior in high school when she met Balwani, who was then 37 and a student at Berkeley.

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Prior to leaving Stanford University to concentrate completely on Theranos, Holmes attended the university and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering.

Career as Theranos’ Chief Operating Officer

In 2009, Balwani was chosen to lead Theranos. Although he was in control of day-to-day operations, his lack of background in biological sciences and medical technology proved problematic due to Balwani’s actions and the absence of medical experts on the company’s board of directors. He was characterized as being unreasonable, rigid, and borderline crazy in his concern of industrial espionage by former Theranos employees.

At Theranos, Balwani was well-known for appearing more intelligent by use technical vocabulary that appeared to be beyond his comprehension. In an article published in October 2015, The Wall Street Journal claimed that Theranos’ Edison blood testing technology led to inaccurate medical diagnosis and conclusions.

In a March 2016 investigation, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services admitted that Edison devices routinely failed quality-control testing and generated wildly inconsistent results.

The CMS sent Theranos a warning notice in January 2016 after inspecting its Newark, California, plant. Balwani’s eligibility to own or run a blood lab was suspended for two years by CMS officials in March 2016 after the company failed to address issues with its California facility. Theranos is also accused of falsely claiming that the US Department of Defense was using their technology in combat when in reality this has never happened. The assertion that a $100,000 revenue stream in 2014 was worth $100 million was another exaggeration.

His Ex-Wife, Keiko Fujimoto, and His Personal Life

Up until their divorce in 2002, Balwani was married to Japanese artist Keiko Fujimoto, and the two made their home in San Francisco. While employed at Theranos, Balwani had a romantic involvement with Elizabeth Holmes. When Holmes was 18 years old and still enrolled in high school in 2002, they first met. At the time, he was married and 19 years older than Holmes. Investors in Theranos were not informed of their relationship. During her trial, Holmes alleged that she had been sexually assaulted while a Stanford student and that she had turned to Balwani for support.

Keiko Fujimoto’s net worth

It’s estimated that Keiko Fujimoto is worth $6 million. Her career as an artist and television personality has brought her wealth.

Keiko Fujimoto’s stature

Keiko Fujimoto is 5 feet 8 inches tall. She carries about 60 kilos.

Ramesh Balwani was Keiko Fujimoto’s husband, and the two were divorced in 2002.

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Keiko Fujimoto’s kids

Keiko Fujimoto is now childless. Ramesh Balwani and she never had a kid together. She has not yet given birth to her own kids.

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