Michael Galeotti Net Worth And Cause Of Death

Michael Galeotti Net Worth; Michael Galeotti, also known as Michael “Mike” Galeotti, is an American singer, pianist, and keyboardist. He was a member of the indie rock band Enation, which was founded in 2003 and has its home base in Battle Ground, Washington. Michael is well-known as the former spouse of Bethany Joy Lenz. After marrying the actress Bethany Joy Lenz in 2005, he gained notoriety.

American actor, director, singer, and songwriter Bethany Joy Lenz also writes songs for movies. Bethany Joy Lenz, 41, also goes by the names Bethany Joy, Joy Lenz, Bethany Joy Galeotti, or Joie Lenz. She was born in Hollywood, Florida, on April 2, 1981. Her parents, Cathie Lenz, her mother, and Robert Lenz, her father, raised her; she was born in the United States.

Profile summary

Name Michael Galeotti
Age 31
Date of Birth August 28, 1984
Zodiac Virgo
Gender Male
Nationality America
ex-Wife Bethany Joy Lenz
Net worth $1 million

Michael Galeotti Biography, Age, Height

Michael Galeotti was born in his native country of the United States of America on August 28, 1984, when he was 31 years old. He was born in the USA, and Virgo is his zodiac sign.

Long Island, New York, is where Michael Galeotti was born. His middle-class parents also reared him there; his mother taught high school and his father founded and owned a small business. Although this is accurate, nobody is certain if he has siblings.

Mike Galeotti was estimated to be 1.7 meters, 175 centimeters, or 1750 millimeters tall and to have a height of five feet, nine inches. He weighed 70 kg when he last checked his weight parameters before passing away. On the other hand, he had brown eyes and short, dark hair, on August 28, 1984, Michael Galeotti was born on Long Island, New York, his most well-known accomplishment is his many years of piano playing for the Enation Band.

He grew up on Long Island and lived close to his parents for the duration of his life. Little is known about his personal life, save for the fact that he was married to Bethany Joy Lenz.

Despite his time with the band, his marriage helped him gain notoriety. He married the actress-singer Bethany Joy Lenz. In the One Tree Hill television drama, Lenz portrayed Haley James Scott.

Michael Galeotti Education 

Michael Galeotti attended schools on Long Island where he earned his high school certificate and elementary graduate certification. At the age of 18, he completed high school, choosing not to continue his schooling.

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Michael Galeotti Career 

In 2002, Michael Galeotti graduated from high school and immediately began working in the music business. Michael participated in school bands during his time in high school, playing a variety of instruments from the guitar to the keyboard.

He currently plays with the indie rock group Enation from Battle Ground, situated in Washington State. Richard Lee and Jonathan Jackson, two brothers, started the band Enation from Battle Ground in 2003. The two brothers are now reportedly well-known actors, according to sources.

That being said, Michael joined the group as the keyboardist because of his prior experience with the instrument. While this is true, Michael Galeotti departed the band in 2012, and rumors have it that the two brothers dismissed him because, following the divorce of his wife, he turned to alcoholism and frequently showed up to rehearsals inebriated or didn’t show up at all.

He has always played keyboards for the band Enation, but he first became well-known as an actor.

He debuted as a professional actor in Jersey in 2004. Based on the Monday Night Football Club book series by Gordon Korman, it made its television premiere on Disney.

The same year, he became a member of the independent rock band Enation. Two brothers, Jonathan Jackson and Richard Lee Jackson, launched a musical endeavor in 2003. The group then changed into Enation, they invited others to join them and said hello Jonathan Thatcher was the first to join, and then others.

Michael Galeotti Family, Maria Rose Galeotti And Bethany Joy Lenz

Formerly, Michael Galeotti was wed to actress Bethany Joy Lenz. The couple tied the knot in a secret ceremony in the United States on December 31, 2005. The couple’s chief bridesmaid and best man were the only guests at their private weddings, reports claim.

Maria Rose Galeotti, the couple’s first child, was born in 2011 to Michael Galeotti and his now-divorced wife Bethany Joy Lenz. After five and a half years of marriage, Bethany declared her separation in March 2012. The actress also stated that she and her ex-husband intended to remain friends and raise their child together when asked why she was seeking a divorce.

Michael Galeotti Obituary, Cause of Death

Following the formalization of their divorce in court, Mike Galeotti turned to alcohol for solace. Michael Galeotti was pulled over multiple times for driving while intoxicated. During the early stages of his newfound addiction, Mike Galeotti started to develop health problems, such as high cholesterol, diverticulitis, and hypertension.

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The doctor who was assigned to Michael when he was eventually transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment persuaded him to give up drinking. On January 11, 2016, one of Michael’s friends found him dead in his apartment. He was thought to have passed away from atherosclerotic heart disease. Mike Galeotti passed away when he was 31 years old.

Michael Galeotti Net worth 

The estimated net worth of Michael Galeotti is $100,000. Before alcoholism took control of his life and ultimately led to his death, he accomplished quite a deal for himself during his active years in the American music scene.



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